Join us for engaging, meaningful, beautiful worship during the holiday and Christmas season. We are an open and inclusive church in downtown Dexter, Michigan. Everyone is welcome here!

  • Fourth Sunday of Advent
    December 22—8:15am and 9:45am
  • Longest Night Service
    Sunday, December 22, 4pm (details below)
  • Christmas Eve—Tuesday, December 24
    5pm – Family Service with Holy Eucharist
    7:30pm – Holy Eucharist
  • Christmas Day—Wednesday, December 25
    8:15am – Holy Eucharist (only service)

The Longest Night Service on Sunday, December 22 is an hour-long service of readings, prayer, scripture, song, and light-sharing. It is a quiet space for those grieving or mourning a loss, struggling with depression or other mental health challenges, or feeling disengaged from or discouraged by the church for whatever reason. If this describes you, or someone you know, please come.