Get Involved

Altar Guild

Contact: Robin Meloche and Margaret Breeden
Meets: Weekly
Join us to help care for the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. We prepare the sanctuary for services and clean up afterward. Altar Guild members often supervise the seasonal decoration of the sanctuary.

Buildings and Grounds

Contact: Len Arntson
Meets: As needed
We plan and contribute to regular church maintenance—lawn mowing, seasonal projects, building upkeep—and special projects as needed.

Christian Formation Committee

Contact: Julie Lowery
Meets: Quarterly
We work with members and friends of the parish to lead formation activities like educational forums, movie nights, and spiritual retreats.

Coffee & Conversation

Contact: Janet Cook
Meets: As needed
A group of social justice advocates plan and present occasional community events throughout the year on a variety of topics with experts from universities and community organizations. Saint. James members provide hospitality, opportunities for learning, and inspiration in loving our neighbors. Past topics include race, ethnicity, and inclusion; gender; pipelines in Michigan; gerrymandering; kids and guns; and human trafficking.

Gifts and Memorial Committee

Contact: Janet Tornow
Meets: As needed
Review church documents and photos for archival purposes, catalog gifts given to the church, take pictures of gifts as needed, maintain records of gifts, develop a church tour, coordinate church history articles.


Contact: Wendy Arntson
Meets: As needed
Lectors read the first lesson during Sunday morning worship. We are looking for confident, articulate readers passionate about proclaiming the word of God and are comfortable reading obscure place names!

Open Hearts Club

Contact: Erin Peven and Patty Griffin
Meets: Regularly during school year
Help us plan for and lead a social initiative bringing together youth eleven years old and up. We provide logistics for social time around food and conversation, seasonal activities, and focused time celebrating and understanding how we are similar to and different from one another.

Outreach Committee

Contact: Wendy Arntson and Jackie Shock
Meets: As needed
Help us coordinate volunteer activities and contributions of time, talent, and money to meet the needs of the community through key partnerships with Faith in Action and other local organizations.

Pastoral Care Committee

Contact: Erin Peven
Meets: Monthly
Attend discernment meetings, visit parishioners, send cards and other signs of support, help organize funerals, provide hospitality for special events, and keep an ear out for the needs of individuals and families in our community.


Contact: Beth Yakel and Julie Lowery
Meets: As needed
Ushers help ensure a smooth flow of each worship service—greeting people as they arrive and making them feel welcomed, helping visitors find seats, and checking that everyone has a bulletin, hymnal, and other resources. Ushers assist with the offering, communion logistics, and help invite guests to coffee fellowship. Ushers also make certain the sanctuary is in good condition for the next service or other event. If you have questions about being an usher, ask this Sunday’s ushers about it after worship. If you have a special event coming up that requires ushers, let Beth and Julie know at your earliest convenience.

Youth and Adult Choirs

Contact: Alice Van Wambeke
Meets: Parish choir, Wednesday evenings 7–8:30pm, Sunday mornings at 9:10am; youth choir Sundays during sermon time.
Adult choir helps lead the weekly 9:45am worship service and usually offers an anthem. Youth choir occasionally offers an anthem at the 9:45 service. Choirs also may participate in special services during Holy Week, ecumenical services with other area churches, and Evensong at Saint James events.