This Week

Servers for Sunday, July 22:

  • Celebrant: The Rev. Carol Mader
  • Organist: Alice Van Wambeke
  • Acolyte:  Jackie Shock (July 29: Diane Dues)
  • Reader:  Jack Frost (July 29: John Hansen)
  • Ushers:  Jeanette Brooks (July 29: Patty Griffin, Pete Schaberg)
  • Altar Guild:  Robin Meloche, Lynne Slager (July 29: Margaret Breeden, Sandy Hill)
  • Coffee Hour: Michael Champ (July 29: Ellen Meyer)


  • Friday, July 20:
    Bible Study, 10am, Library
    Overeaters Anonymous, Library, 1:30pm
    Joy of Living AA, Library, 8pm
  • Sunday, July 22:
    Holy Eucharist, with nursery, 9:30am
    Coffee Hour
    Worship Leaders meeting, Library
  • Monday, July 23:
    Church office open 10:30-3:30pm
    Overeaters Anonymous, Library, 6pm
  • Tuesday, July 24:
    Church office open 10am-3pm
  • Wednesday, July 25:
    Closed Women’s Support Group, 4-7pm
  • Thursday, July 26:
    Church office open 1-3pm
    Men’s Lunch, 11:30am, Aubree’s
  • Friday, July 27:
    Bible Study, 10am, Library
    Overeaters Anonymous, Library, 1:30pm
    Joy of Living AA, Library, 8pm


Altar flowers are given today by Robin Meloche in thanksgiving for blessings received.
Worship leaders of the congregation will be meeting in the library after we’ve all had a chance to grab a snack and a beverage.
Tuesday Bible Study will be taking a hiatus during the rest of July and August. It will resume Tuesday, September 11th, at 5:30 pm.
Open Hearts Club will be having a pool party on Thursday 9 August 4-7 pm at the home of Grace and Jerry Brand.
 Come join the cookie crew after church next Sunday, July 29th. We will be frosting and decorating the official Chicken BBQ dessert cookies. Last year the Famous Amos packaged cookie dessert was replaced with a frosted sugar cutout cookie and the tradition began. This year we are asking for a cookie crew to help get the cookies frosted and decorated. Even if you don’t have great cookie decorating skills, please join us! There are tasks that need to be done that don’t require those skills. All supplies will be provided! If you have any questions please contact Julie Frost or Janet Tornow.
Barbeque volunteers are needed for the Dexter Daze Chicken BarbequeSaturday 11 August. The sign-up sheet for the Chicken Barbeque is now on display in the narthex. Sign up early and often! There are many jobs that need to be done; something for everyone’s particular talent. Jobs begin Thursday 9 August with building the barbeque pit and moving chairs and tables up to the choir room. You could volunteer on Thursday by helping to fill the coleslaw cups. Saturday we can keep you busy from 8:30 till 4:30. Please take a look and see where you can help fill a blank spot. This is a great opportunity to get better acquainted with your fellow St. James parishioners; it is a fun way to build camaraderie. So, stop by the poster and take a look.
Dexter Daze kazoo players: This year for the parade, we’ve decided to pay tribute to its founder, Gerry Van Wambeke, by wearing Hawaiian shirts! Anyone that is in need of one, please see me and I’ll get you outfitted; I have an array of colors. No need to buy one! Alice
Ongoing Notes
Outreach Committee facilitates a number of activities to serve the surrounding community, and care for those around us in need, often in partnership with local organizations. For this month, the following items are being collected to donate to Faith In Action Pantry: macaroni and cheese (7.25 oz), jelly, sugar (2 lbs), spaghetti, pasta sauce (jars), tuna, cereal, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, Manwich. In past years our summer outreach projects have focused on school supply collections and backpacks for youth in preparation for school in August. If you have other ideas of outreach activities, or would like to participate in one or more activities, contact Outreach Committee members Jackie Shock (734-276-1153) or Wendy Arntson (734-260-3856).
The Pastoral Care Committee meets once a month and assists Mother Carol in meeting the needs of our parish through communication, prayer, and care. The committee requests your ongoing help. If you are ever aware of someone who needs extra care, or if you yourself have a need, please communicate with one of the committee members. We are Grace Brand (734-426-3036), Sue Jacob (770-584-3252), Laurie Oehler (734-476-1477), Erin Peven (517-376-9053), Pete Schaberg (734-223-2998), and Alice Van Wambeke (734-769-8082). In addition, if you are hospitalized unexpectedly or planned, please call Mother Carol or one of us. The hospital will not contact us. Thanks for helping us care for our parish friends.