Evensong at Saint James

Choral evensong at Saint James occurs 4 times during the year and is often led by the Elm Ensemble, a vocal ensemble based in southeast Michigan that works to keep the church in dialogue with diverse voices from Christian history. These events provide a chance for us to gather in worship outside of the usual Sunday morning time. They are a chance for local church professionals to attend an enriching worship service that they do not themselves have to lead. And they are a wonderful opportunity to invite to worship anyone in our community who would be moved by a sung evensong service.

During each evensong event a freewill offering is collected, and all proceeds are given to a local, regional, or national charity.

Hope for the Journey

Sunday, April 7 4:30pm. Gather with us to hear and sing music that will remind us God’s love for us, fill our hearts with song, and strengthen us for the road ahead. Reception to follow.

Light in the Darkness

Sunday, March 3, 4:30pm. What is light, and what does it do? We often think of God as invisible. This evensong program invites us to think about ways God is visible in our lives and our world. Featuring the music of Egil Hovland, Thomas Tallis, Robert White, the Taizé Community, and Blind Willie Johnson.

Music of Immigrants & Refugees

Sunday 30 September, 4:30pm. Like the Israelites and Jesus and his family, millions of people around the world move away from home and homeland seeking safety, employment, and a new life. Gather with us in a brief evensong service to hear and sing music exploring these biblical themes and music by immigrant composers as we experience together a beautiful evensong liturgy.