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Tuesday Bible Study

The Tuesday Bible Study now meets from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. We are reading the Gospel of Luke. If you would like to join us, please “come and see!” Also, we will have books for class members containing the Gospel readings, reflection essays and questions, and a prayer for each day. Let Mother Carol know if you would like a book. We meet in the Library..


Friday Bible Study

FridayBibleStudyFolks meet on Fridays at 10am in the church library for exploration, meditation, and the application of scripture to corporate and personal life. We go through one book at a time with the group participating in the selection of the next study. Occasionally we digress into a regular book study, eg. The Shack.

Together we explore. Any scripture is meant for a specific community or culture and there are varied and distinct methods by which sub-groups of that community approach the text. We have developed our own method on Friday morning. We explore paths as they come up. A particular incident or proclamation may lead us to another and another and soon the links found running through the Bible reveal something new to us. The links have been called The Golden Thread and help us to see how Bible texts do indeed fit together as part of One Great Story instead of many smaller ones.

Together we meditate. This doesn’t mean that we close our eyes or use a Tibetan chime. But we do read scripture with the intention of it entering us like a “sweet savor.” We remind ourselves not to worry about minutiae or all of the contradictions, or even the two or three versions of the same event but on the Spirit of God that is the foundation. We try to honor the words of the rabbis who suggested that a verse be examined in 44 different ways. This can be called meditation as easily as study. We are comfortable with the insight that truth is not the same as facts.

Together we apply. How did you hear this? How will you live this? How does the community hear this? How does the community live this? Can any of this make a difference? Sometimes a collective meditation helps us answer these questions more effectively than a solitary meditation would. Sometimes we have to be recalled to the notion that reading/studying/ meditating on scripture should have an effect on the world, nature, humankind, and the Kingdom of God. We are part of the story, co-creators of nature, members of the human family, and partakers/priests/ participants in the Kingdom of God.

And that is what we do in Friday Bible Study. (to which you are most certainly welcome).

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